For some reason, you can not log in or auto log out although you used to logged in and watched movies normally before. OR you meer trouble of watching video. Please refer to the instructions below :


+ You are using Security software/App cause the trouble when logging in or watching video. We are not using any script code make your device harmful. We paid for the Video Server service to serve you a platform without ads. Even that, it is still in the Blacklist of these security software/app. And your Security software/app can misunderstand it is dangerous.

–> Please turn it off temporary or add my site to the whitelist of your security software/app.


+ Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocked our video server/ my site. The adult content can make your ISP block us.

–> Please use VPN (Fake IP) to access to my site.


+ Your browser is not compatible with my site.

+Your browser’s extension is also not compatible with our plugin.

+We are updating our web’s plugin or web is under maintenance. Need time to process.

+Sometimes your browser/extension auto upgrade to higher version that make the conflict with our plugin.

–> 1. Please close down all your browser tabs. Then open a new browser window. Do not attempt to go to
–> 2. Clear your cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del)). => We need to clear all of your cached data and load the latest state of your account to your browser.

If the issue persists:

–> 1. Using the Private/ Incognito Browser to log in.
(Open the Private/ Incognito Browser on Window : Ctrl+Shift+N )
(Open the Private/ Incognito Browser on MacOS : Command-Shift-N )

–> 2. Log in on a different computer with a different IP address.


+ If you forget the password or trouble with the password ? Wanna reset ?

–> Contact to [email protected] to get the new password.