For some reason, you can not log in or fail in logging in, you can not watch the video. Please refer to the instructions below :


+ You are using Software/App about security. It’s maybe the cause to make you meet trouble when logging in or watching video. We are not using any script code make your device harmful. We also pay money to use the video service to serve you a platform without ads. Even there is no ads on video player but it is still in the Blacklist of these software/App. And your Software/App can misunderstand it is dangerous.

–> Please turn it off temporary or add my site to its whitelist.


+ Your ISP blocked our video server/my site. The adult content can make your ISP block us.

–> Please use VPN (Fake IP) to access to my site.


+ Your browser is not compatible with my site. Your browser’s extension is also not compatible with our plugin.

–>Clear all browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del)

–> Try to log in on another browser AND use the Private/ Incognito Browser to log in.
–> Open the Private/ Incognito Browser on Window : Ctrl+Shift+N
–> Open the Private/ Incognito Browser on MacOS : Command-Shift-N


+ Forget the password or trouble with the password ?

–> Contact to [email protected] to get the new password.