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1. Introduction
BLOfficial is committed to providing a high standard of service delivery to clients.


2. Aim
We aims to maintain an environment which ensures positive and meaningful engagement with clients. We approach to service delivery is underpinned by a commitment to ethical conduct. We approaches client service delivery as a continuum which encompasses respect for clients, expressed through our engagement with clients and the provision of affordable quality housing.


3. Principles of our Service Delivery Policy
All package totally come with a promotion that is easy to approach for all clients. There are 4 kinds of package from VIP 01 – VIP 03 – VIP 06 – VIP 12 .

Workers will always endeavour to communicate with client groups in ways which validate, accept and understand clients’ needs and aspirations. Clients should be able to recognise through our service delivery approach, that the worker is meaningfully assisting them.